GilsWeb v. Klaus Thomsen

Welcome to GilsWeb. This site is home of me (Klaus Thomsen). Who loves fiddling with web code and images for web pages. I love coding, but do not plan to make it a profession.

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Belonging to the old-school of coders where you made a site from the ground up, but as the Content Management Systems (commonly referred to as CMS) availability, security and customization options has improved greatly over the years, this is now pretty much a lost "art form".

If you got a charity organisation, none-profit club/group, or similar with no commercial purpose; You are welcome to contact me, with aim for me to assist you, with creating (or redesigning) a website of Your own. Pro bono.

If you wish to contact me regarding support for products I've made, or permission to use content, code or images i have made, or been involved in; you can contact me through my contact form.

If you are interested in seeing the projects I have been involved in, that is online, it is displayed in my Port Folio.

I am also an avid gamer, playing a couple of different online games. From the 19 year old Ultima Online, to the recent player versus player shooter MMO Planetside 2. For more details on my gaming adventures, check out the page dedicated to my gaming activities here.