UNIX Time <=> Calendar Date/Time

This page is dedicated to convert UNIX time to Calendar time and visa versa. Default timezone is Greenwich Mean Time, You can change it below.

What is UNIX time? UNIX time is a timeformat used primarily for behind-the-scenes coding. The timeformat start January 1st 00:00:00 1970 (GMT) and the value of the UNIX time is the amount of seconds past that time. A minute is 60, an hour is 3600, two hours is 7200 and so on. The timeformat is basically just added up for the requested time. The benefits for using this time for coding is primarily that due to this single number format it is superb for calculating time with. Read more about UNIX Time

Select a different timezone:

If a different than default (GMT) is needed you need to swap it here, as UNIX time is independant of timezones.

Calendar to UNIX

Use this if you want the UNIX timestamp of a Calendar date/time

Calendar Time

UNIX to Calendar

Use this if you have a UNIX timestamp, and want the associated time in usual calendar time.